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Once among the nation’s leading producers of pig iron, Sharpsville, PA. was the scene of major innovations in the manufacture of iron in the 19th century. The first use of block coal, a type of bituminous coal that could be used in a blast furnace uncoked, was at the nearby Clay Furnace and gave the impetus to the development of industry at Sharpsville and the Shenango Valley.

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DSF Slag is a industry leader in recycling concrete starting with our screening process. We are very proud to be a PennDOT and ODOT pre-qualified aggregate supplier. Our brownfield site is located in a Keystone Opportunity Zone.

The demolition concrete is purchased from federal, state and municipal contractors. It is hammered, crushed, and screened for PennDOT and local contractors to use as base materials for highways and private development.

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Clean energy possibilities include the addition of solar panels. Manufacturing facilities and buildings can be constructed to house PennDOT products. For the agricultural industry, lime and other fertilizers could be stored here. For the gas and oil industry, frack sand can be contained in these buildings. According to a recent feasibility study, all of these efforts combined could create up to 3,000 jobs regionally.

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